How To Build Your Deadly Web 2.0 Private Blog Network

How To Build Your Deadly Web 2.0 Private Blog Network. When starting a new network I base my start point on a standard number of expired blogs. I start with 24 then let it sit for two weeks once finished to see the full impact.

Sometimes more is needed or that could be enough to get me what I want. I use loads of Tumblr blogs and that's because I can set up so many in a short amount of time.

You should be able to get yourself stable on the second page with ease. The first page is also very possible depending on the competition.

Let's get this bad boy started.

Step One: Finding The Expired Blogs
This really comes down to how much time you have. When I first started I would purchase them but of course, there are some advantages to this and some disadvantages.

Buying expired web 2.0 can be good to save time, you can pay the seller extra to get them all signed up for you ready to go. The disadvantage is you don't really have control over what you get sent.... The quality isn't always the best.

When buying you can use websites likes Source Market or Fiverr. Something like this works great.
expired tumblr

Not many people sell Weebly or

However, if you ask them to do a custom scrape for you, they usually will.

There is also a seller on Affiliate Hustle who sells all 3 if you ask him.

Scraping Them Yourself
This is by far the best way however, it takes the longest. If you don't have time to sort through them when done this might not be the best option.

What You Need To Scrape Them Yourself

  1. Scrapebox
  2. Proxies
  3. Keyword list
  4. A Little Time

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